With Office 365, your organization can truly embrace the cloud and unlock the various different applications available under the Office 365 suite.

We help you get started and figure out which tool(s) to use by offering the following consulting services :

  • Helping you make the right decision on which licenses to get for your Organization. Should I go for E1, E3, E4 or standalone? We can help you answer these questions
  • Creation and Configuration and of our Office 365 tenant. This is the first step in setting up your environment
  • Setting up Single sign on. We recommend using Microsoft ADFS for Single sign on, but there are other options available too.
  • Migrating your content. UsingĀ  proven automation tools, we can migrate your content from existing on premise file shares, SharePoint servers, LiveLink, or various other content management systems
  • Planning your Information Architecture: Information Architecture is the art of planning how your data and sites will be stored and how users will access this data.
  • Building your SharePoint environment: SharePoint is still the key cornerstone of the Office 365 product and will probably continue to be for many years. We help you build your sites, create lists and libraries, configure workflows (using Microsoft Flow), customize forms (using Microsoft PowerApps)