SharePoint 2016 Installation – Part 1

This post is part of a LIVE series I’m writing on SharePoint 2016 installation and what’s new in general

The first thing that struck me as weird was that you just download SharePoint 2016 straight from Microsoft :
Also note if you click on Install instructions on the download page, you get free Trial keys for 180 Days. How cool is that!

Posting the keys here in case Microsoft removes it 🙂

Enterprise trial product key: NQGJR-63HC8-XCRQH-MYVCH-3J3QR
Standard trial product key: RTNGH-MQRV6-M3BWQ-DB748-VH7DM

Even though I normally use AutoSPInstaller, for this post, i’ll just use standard SharePoint installers.

Step 1: After downloading the ISO from above link , I mounted it on my Server 2012 R2 server.
Step 2: Ran Splash.hta (Same as previous versions of SharePoint)
Step 3: Clicked on Install software prerequisites
Step 4: Prerequisites Installer started. I accepted and clicked Next
Step 5: Note, I have my server internet connected and I suggest you do the same (even if just for the installation. The reason is that the installer tool will automatically download the latest hotfixes and patches for the install)
Step 6: Pre-requisites ran for a minute and then prompted to reboot
Step 7: After reboot, the server tried to run prerequisiteinstaller.exe but failed because the iso unmounted when the server rebooted.
Step 8: I Mounted the disk again and manually ran prerequisiteinstaller.exe again.
Step 9: Again agreed to the terms and conditions and click Next. Installer is now configuring Web Server Role and then download some software.
Step 10: Install now ran for about 10 minutes and then prompted to reboot again. Some errors during install. Notably .NET Framework 4.6 error. Installer wants to reboot again.
Step 11: Again prerequisiteinstaller.exe failed after reboot. Ran prerequisiteinstaller.exe again. I just noticed that it actually should star with a flag /continue so that it doesn’t start from scratch again. Will try that next time.
Step 12: Ok, hit the first roadblock. Nice! This time, the installer came up with “There was an error during installation”. Seems like it’s struggling to install .NET Famework 4.6. i’ll see if I can manually activate it as a Server Feature. Be right Back..
Step 13: Ok, I’m going to manually install .NET 4.6 from Web Installer here:
Step 14: Unfortunately, that didn’t work because I need to install half a million windows updates before I can run the .NET installer (I guess this is why the SharePoint installer failed too).
Step 15: Wait 3 days and 65 reboots for Windows Updates to do it’s stuff. (Windows has been Checking for updates for 30 minutes now…)
Step 16: Went out to play rugby last night and broke my wrist. This will be interesting from here on out.
Step 17: Now dowloading and installing 880MB of updates
Step 18: Done with all updates. Installing .Net 4.6 again.
Step 19: Done with .Net 4.6 install. Continuing install by running prerequisiteinstaller.exe
Step 20: Yay! Pre reqs done. And I completed most of it with only 1 hand! High five to myself… Oh wait..
Step 21: Ok. Running splash again and clicked on Install SharePoint Server. Used Enterprise Trial key and used default install path
Step 22: Install Done. Yay! Now I guess time to look at pre reqs and get some service accounts going. This is the end of part 1. Click below for Part 2

Part 2 Farm config


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