One in a I.T solution

Bots and cognitive services (Al)

AI Stuff

Bots can respond to your customers and answer up to 90% of your website queries including making bookings, querying a faq database or by passing the query on to a human all in real-time. Cognitive Services uses the power of cloud computing to analyze data, documents and media. Imagine a world where paper-based forms, business cards are analyzed and text recognized in real-time, or a live video camera detects a person's mood. Cognitive services can do this and much more.

Businness process management (Forms and workflow)

BPM Stuff

Digitize or revitalize your forms by using technology you already have access to. Microsoft PowerApps is a complete web, desktop and mobile solution which can transform the way you do business or deal with your internal processes. Why perform repetitive tasks manually when you can automate? Need that document to go through an approval process once or on a regular basis? Microsoft Power Automate (Previously Flow) is a possible answer and as an Office 365 subscriber you might already be licensed for this technology. We've got over 15 years experience building business automation and business process management solutions. Find out more…

Business Intelligence

BI Stuff

Rows and rows of Raw Data means very little to decision makers in any business. Various business processes are responsible for gathering and storing your business data but without context and business intelligence tools such as Microsoft PowerBI and SQL Server Integration services your data can be hard to understand and interpret. We can show you how dashboards and rolled up data can empower people to become proactive in their decision making